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  • 1992

    Where is all started

    We have all been lovers of running for a very long time. Steve started running in 1992, Pam started running shortly after, and their son Mack has been running since he was in middle school.

  • 1992

    A love for beer

    A love for beer started when Pam and Steve turned of legal age. Mack appreciates the science and art of brewing for now untill he turns of legal age. Steve started thinking of ways to bring his love for beer and running togther into one.

  • 2016

    26.brew is born

    We love to enjoy a really good beer after a run and all of our friends do as well. In fact, almost every runner we know loves beer too. We are passionate about both and knew we just had to bring these two things together.

  • 2017+

    The Future

    We are hoping to help join the running community and those who enjoy a well made beer. We would love to introduce runners into the world of craft beer. We are also always looking to take a beer lover out for a run. We can do great things and would love for you to be apart of it.

Our Amazing Team

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Mack Calhoun

Lead of Marketing

Steve Calhoun

Lead Designer

Pam Calhoun

Lead of Operations

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