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Mission and Background

The ONU Observatory has a mission to educate and inspire the students of Ohio Northern University, as well as the surrounding community, about the rapidly evolving and exciting science of astronomy.  

The ONU Observatory has been in planning since about 2003, while its construction occurred between March and September, 2010.  The observatory is primarily used by ONU students in physics and astronomy classes, faculty,  and by the ONU Astronomy Club.   However, it is also opened up for public events on a semi-regular basis.

 The ONU Observatory (below) has a ramp and double doors facing west for handicap accessibility.  There is also a North entrance on the left side.View_From_WestONU Observatory - plan view from West

Above: An architectural sketch of the ONU Observatory showing how it is divided into four main parts:  the porch, the control room, the observatory room, and the restrooms.  Dashed lines indicate the maximum extension of the roll-off roof.   The image of Saturn was created with a darker colored, raised brick.

The ONU Observatory is located on the Northwest side of campus (see map).  Parking is located in the Wander Baseball Field lot just off of Lincoln Avenue. 

ONU campus map showing astronomy viewing site (in red):   

ONU Astro Site Map

Map of Ada, OH showing astronomy viewing site (marker B).

Ada, OH Street Map

NOTE:  before coming to the observatory, check for cancellations on our public events page.

Other Pictures 

The ONU Observatory as viewed from West in winter.The ONU Observatory in December 2010. Although the control room (left end) and bathrooms (right end) are heated in the winter, the main observing room (middle section) is not.  So dress warmly when you visit in winter!

Observatory interior
The interior of the observatory showing the translucent panels of the roll-off roof.
Open Sign  

During the 2012 transit of Venus across the Sun we had several ways to observe the Sun without hurting our eyes.
Big Dipper

The Big Dipper (Ursa Major) visible from inside of the observatory with the roof rolled back.

The 12-inch Meade in use by ONU student
ONU student using a camera on the 12" Meade during an event in the winter of 2011. (Photo courtesy Ken Colwell.)

Dr. J. Pinkney, Manager, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy.
Office: 419-772-2740     Observatory: 419-772-4028
 Science Annex 111

  Pinkney's Homepage

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