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1994-1995 The team is formed by Marc Queen. The team went to its first ever tournament at the University of Toledo. They lost to Toledo 9-4 and lost to Michigan 9-0. First Rank. First Tournament

1995-1996 The team had a couple of practices and played in a tourney at Ohio State University. This was the first tournament coached by Dr. Theisen. The team only took 6 players and they all traveled to the tourney in Coach's Cavalier. The team beat Dayton, OSU, and a club team with the help of several club players from Columbus. By competing in 5 games and compiling a record of 4-1, they obtained their first ever national ranking of 52.

1996-1997 The team practices some in fall and goes 0-4 at the Ohio Univesity Halloween tournament . In the spring, the team goes to the Miami University (OH) tournament forever known as the "mud bowl." After picking up a couple of players from Dayton, the team beat Cincinnati while losing to Oberlin-B. In addition, they beat Miami (OH) without the Dayton players. This is the first official win of the club team. Also in the spring, the team hosted Cedarville in a scrimmage and won both games. For the year 5 - 5.

1997-1998 In the fall, the team hosted an ONU intramural tournament won by Phi Delta Chi. The team hosted Toledo and Cedarville at Ohio Northern for a mini tournament and beat both teams. The team went 2-2 at the OU Halloween tournament. In the spring, the team went 2-1 at the Northwestern tourney. For the year 6 - 3

1998-1999 In the fall, the team hosted an ONU intramural tournament won by Phi Delta Chi. The team went 2-2 at the OU Halloween tournament. In the spring, the team went 4-0 at a Toledo tourney. The team attended its first ever sectional tournament at OSU in the spring. The team placed 6th out of 20 there to qualify for the regional tournament. Interestingly, the team beat Miami (OH) to secure it first ever sectional birth. This is the first team that the ONU club team recorded a victory against (see above). The team gained experience by attending the regional tournament at the University of Illinois. For the year 10-8

1999-2000 The team hosted an ONU intramural tournament won by Delta Sigma Phi in the fall. The team went 1-5 at the tournament at the University of Michigan, but gained valuable experience against the top teams in the region (OSU, Oberlin, Northwestern, George Washington and Michigan). The team went 4-0 at the OU Halloween tournament, dominating their pool. In the spring, the team attended a tournament at Miami (OH) University where they went 1-3 losing to Ball State, Miami (OH) and Pittsburgh while beating Eastern. The team attended sectionals for the second time, but failed to move on to Regionals after losing in the first round of bracket play to Denison. For the year 7-10

2000-2001 The team hosted an ONU intramural tournament won by Delta Sigma Phi in the fall. The team also hosted a tournament homecoming weekend. They went 3-0 beating UT, Wittenberg and Bluffton. The team went 4-0 at the OU Halloween tournament, destroying much of the competition. They beat UT, Univ. of Michigan B, Wooster and Kent State. To finish up the fall, the team attended a tournament at Kenyon. There, the team went 4-0, winning the tournament. They beat Ohio Wesleyan, Wooster and Kenyon before defeating Bluffton in the championship. By winning the tournament they secured their first trophy (Fred the deer - picture is in pohotos section!) and also showed their determination, having only 7 for the last game due to injuries (3 went down during the tourney). This completed an incredible 11-0 fall season. In the spring, the team went to an early tournament at Western Michigan going 1-2 against other college teams. At a tourney at the Uof Miami they went 1-3 again losing several close games. The team also went to GLO at Oberlin where they won several close games against Case and U. Chicago, and lost to Oberlin B (2-1). The team went to sectionals and lost games to the top five teams in the reagion. They beat OWU and Wooster (2-5). For the year 17 -11.

2001-2002 The team hosted an ONU intramural tournament won not by a frat but a bunch of guys from Clark Hall. Our first tournament was at Kenyon, defending our beloved trophy. We were successful and won our second trophy by gong 4-0. We then hosted the second annual tournament here at ONU. We went 3-0 beating Kenyon, Bluffton, and Case's B Team. Our last fall tournament was the OU Halloween tournament. There we went 2-2, losing to OU and Navy. This completed a 9-2 fall. We visited our first winter indoor tournament at Case in February where we went 1-2, losing to Case and Carnegie Melon, but beating Kent. In the spring by first going to Norte Dame where we went 1-1, beating Chicago, but losing to Papal Rage. Next was the Tournament of Fools in Miami where we again went 1-2, losing to Miami and BG, but beating Denison. The following weekend we again traveled to Miami, OH for sectionals. The first day we fought for third in our pool, losing to Denison and Case, while beating Kent and Muskingum. We then got our revenge on BG for a chance to play on the second day. On this horribly rainy day we lost to Ohio State but then beat Denison for 6th in the section and a invitation to regionals. At regionals we lost to Michigan and Purdue but the rebounded to beat Miami of Ohio. Our spring/winter record was 8-10 for a combined record of 17-12. This was a very good season as we made it to regionals for only the 2nd time in school history.

2002-2003 The team started off the year at Oberlin, after losing a close game to Oberlin A, while beating BG and Oberlin B, we hosted our third annual fall tournament. There we went four and one, only losing to a combined OWU/CWRU team. We continued our excellent fall with a tournament win at kenyon going 5-0. Lastly we went two and one at OU's annual Halloween tournament. Final fall record 13-3! We started the spring like we ended the fall with a 5-0 tournament at Versailles. The next weekend we traveled to Notre Dame where we beat Notre Dame, but lost to Indiana, Chicago, and North Park. Lastly, we played at sectionals, where we started with a 5 seed. The first day we kept our seed by going 3-2. On Sunday, we lost a close game to OU for 4th place, and eventually finished in 6th, not quite good enough for regionals. Final spring record 10-7. Final total record 23-10.

2003-2004 The team started off great with a 3-1 tournament at OWU. We lost 13-12 to Kent state while going full subs with half new players. For the first time ever the team split into two. The A team was not challenged too much crusing to 4 wins over OWU, OSU, Wright State and Denison. The B team was not so lucky winning only one against Wright State. Once again, the Darkside wins Kenyon's tournament by beating bluffton, OWU, Toledo, and Kenyon. The following weekend was just as productive going 4-0 at OU for the Halloween tournament, where Ohio B, Columbus Club, OSU B and Kent State could not match the swing of the Darkside.

Starting off the spring season, ONU traveled to the North Coast Open hosted by Case Western, where we went on to dominate the tournament, leaving at 7 - 0, defeating OWU, BG, WVU, Alegheny, Kent State, and finally Eastern Michigan in the finals.

The team traveled to OSU to compete in the sectional tournament. Starting seeded 4th in the tournament, the team went on to defeat Wooster and West Virginia, but got upset by Case during the last game of the day. The second day started off in terrible weather conditions, and another upset for the team occured when playing OWU fisrt round. The team went on to win the next three rounds against Berea, Miami of Ohio, and Kent State, taking the 6th seed for the regional tournament.

At regionals in Detroit, the team lost to OSU forst round, but gave an impressive performance in defeating Indiana, eliminating them from regional competition. During the thrid round, we competed agains Northwestern, ending the season with a respectable effort.

2004-2005 The team traveled to Toledo and competed against... To end the tournament, a game was played agains Michigan State for fun, losing only 6-7.


In the spring, the team started off the season by heading to BG and their spring tournament. The first day, we found victories against BG, Toledo, and West Virginia, and only losing to Donkey Kong. Returning the second day, we earned another victory over West Virginia, but lost to Edenburo, and then to OWU 12-13. After a weekend off, the team headed to Indiana University. There, we competed against BG for a early victor, but found trouble in windy weather against IU, Michigan B, and Chicago. Returning for the second day of games, the team started off with a victory against Wooster (13-7), but got eliminated when we competed against W.... We then traveled to OSU to compete the the sectional tournament. There, we dominated our pool, defeating BG, Kent, ...., and only losing to Oberline. The second day, we competed against Case, holding a commanding victory over them to assure us a seed in regionals. We then played OSU, running well against them with full subs, and then lost a devastating game against Oberline 15-14. The team traveled to OSU once again for regionals, but lost against Michigan State and Case to end the season.


Record Summary