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Higlights (08)

  • January - Case (1st)
  • February - ONU (1st) - Video
  • March - Miami (cancelled - rain)
  • March - BG (cancelled - rain)
  • March- Wooster (3rd /19)
  • April - Sectionals (4th /25)
  • April - Regionals (9th)
  • May - D-III Nationals (5th/26)
    Highlight Video

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Fall 2007
30 New recruits joined the team in the Fall. We split in two team for our first several tournaments to give the rookies a chance to shine. Most of the rookies ran the gauntlet at the ONU tourney further enhancing their playing skills.

At club sectionals the veterans along with a number of alumni placed 6th which qualified ONU - FYC for club regionals for the second year in a row.

Other highlights include placing 3rd at North Coast and beating Tennessee at Fall Brawl. Both of these were done running full subs giving rookies tons of play time.


Spring 2008

  • D-III Nationals - 5th
  • Top D-III team in the section and region
  • 4th at Sectionals (25 teams)
  • Qualified for Regionals 5th year in a row
  • The only D-III team in the whole region to do this
  • 9th at Regionals
  • 1st at both indoor Tournaments