Department of Physics & Astronomy • Ohio Northern University • Ada, OH 45810 • (419) 772-2739 • fax (419) 772-1888
office: Science Annex 109B

I have been a professor of physics at Ohio Northern University since 2002. I teach calculus-based Physics classes, as well as Analytical Mechanics, Electricity & Magnetism and Statistical Mechanics. My research is in low-temperature (i.e., not fusion) plasma physics with an emphasis on dusty plasma experiments using DONUT, dusty plasma simulation and theory, and sheath theory. I have mentored five physics capstone theses at ONU and have published more than 100 refereed research papers which have been cited more than 1800 times in about 1100 other papers.

I received the B.A. in physics from Hiram College in 1983 and the Ph.D. in experimental plasma physics from Dartmouth College in 1987. I have post-doctoral research experience at the University of Iowa, West Virginia University, the University of Natal (Durban, South Africa) and the Institute of Advanced Studies at the Australian National University. I have also been chair of the Ohio-region section of the American Physical Society and done consulting for Veeco Process Equipment, Inc.