Additional Readings for Property

Professor Veltri has made this page available to distribute additional readings for his Property class. Simply click on the title of any document you wish to read.  You may then print the document using your web browser.  Professor Veltri's e-mail address is  

Course Syllabus

Cline v. American Aggregates Corporation

Bradley v. American Smelting and Refining Company

S.B. 1957, The Design Piracy Protection Act

Popov v. Hayashi (The Barry Bonds Baseball Case)

International News Service v. Associated Press

Cheyney Brothers v. Doris Silk Corporation

The Uniform Commercial Code (from the Legal Information Institute of Cornell University)

Allen v. Hyatt Regency - Nashville Hotel

Treasure Act of 1996

Statute of Repose for Pennsylvania Construction Projects

County of Wayne v. Hathcock

United States v. Craft

The Ohio Landlord Tenant Act

Seller's Duty of Disclosure, Section 5302.30 of the Ohio Revised Code

Section 5302.30 Disclosure Form

Table of Consanguinity

Robins Island Preservation Fund v. Southold Development Corporation

An Advertisement for Robins Island

Problem Set on Estates and Future Interests

American Land Title Association, Title Insurance Forms

Problem Set on Perpetuities

Ohio Statute Against Perpetuities and Its Exemption of Certain Trusts

A Perpetuities Savings Clause

Florida Uniform Statutory Rule Against Perpetuities

Ohio's Transfer on Death Deed

Conservation and Agricultural Easements Under the Ohio Revised Code

The State ex rel. R.T.G., Inc v. The State of Ohio

Excerpts from Marcus Tullius Cicero, De Officiis

Helpful Links For Law Study and Further Reflection

Ohio Code of Professional Responsibility

ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct

John Bouvier, A Law Dictionary (6th ed. 1856).

F.W. Maitland, The Forms of Action at Common Law

Jeremy Waldron, Property from the Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

A Few Words of Wisdom

"I was much troubled in spirit, in my first years upon the bench, to find how trackless was the ocean on which I had embarked. I sought for certainty.  I was oppressed and disheartened when I found the quest for it was futile.  I was trying to reach land, the solid land of fixed and settled rules, the paradise of a justice that would declare itself by tokens plainer and more commanding that its pale and glimmering reflections in my own vacillating mind and conscience.  I found 'with the voyagers in Browning's Paracelsus that the real heaven was always beyond.'  As the years have gone by, and I have reflected more and more upon the nature of the judicial process, I have become reconciled to the uncertainty, because I have grown to see it as inevitable.  I have grown to see that the process in its highest reaches is not discovery, but creation; and that the doubts and misgivings, the hopes and fears, are part of the travail of the mind, the pangs of death and the pangs of birth, in which principles that have served their day expire, and new principles are born." 

                                                Benjamin N. Cardozo, The Nature of the Judicial Process (1923).