PLUS Program - Crime and Punishment

Professor Stephen C. Veltri       419-772-2212

Welcome to Ohio Northern.  In this course, we will explore some basic questions in the criminal law.  We will begin with some fundamentals.  We will look at what distinguishes criminal law from other fields of law.  After a short introduction to the traditional principles that define criminal liability, we will explore some important issues in criminal punishment.    

  Blackstone on the Criminal Law

  State v. McDonald

  Martin v. State

  People v. DeCina

  Robinson v. California

  Regina v. Cunningham

  Stern v, State

  Barronet's Case

  New York Penal Law (review Article 15)

  Commonwealth v. Tempest

  "Punishment" from Wikipedia

  "Punishment" from the Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

  In re De La O

  United States v. Halper

  Harmelin v. Michigan

  Seling v. Young