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Class Schedule 2008-2009
Fall Quarter
New Product Development (MRKT/PHBU 413)
Market Research (MRKT 434-01)
Winter Quarter
eCommerce (MRKT 380-01)
New Product Development (MRKT 413-01)
Spring Quarter
New Product Development (MRKT 413-01)
Market Research (MRKT 434-01)
Introduction to Pharmaceutical Science (PHBU 305)

Digito Society

Recent Publications

Kleine, III, Robert E., Susan Schultz Kleine, and Gary J. Brunswick (2009), Tranformational Consumption Choices: Building an Understanding by Integrating Social Identity and Multi-Attribute Attitude Theories, Journal of Consumer Behavior, 54-69.

Kleine, III, Robert E. (2008), Rememberance: Jerome B. Kernan (1932-2007), ," Journal of Consumer Research, 35 (1), 1-3.

Kleine, Susan Schultz, Robert E. Kleine, III, and Debora A. Laverie (2006), Exploring How Role-Identity Development Stage Moderates Person-Possession Relations, Research in Consumer Behavior, 10, 131-168.

Laverie, Debra A., Robert E. Kleine, III, and Susan Schultz Kleine (2002), "Re-Examination and Extension of Kleine, Kleine, and Kernan's Social Identity Model of Mundane Consumption: The Mediating Role of the Appraisal Process," Journal of Consumer Research, 28 (4 March), 659-669.

Jacobs, Richard S., Kenneth R. Evans, Robert E. Kleine, III, Timothy D. Landry (2001), "Disclosure and Its Reciprocity as Predictors of Key Outcomes of an Initial Sales Encounter," Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 21(1), 51-62.

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