Common E-Mail Problems


There are several common e-mail problems.

File is Locked or Read Only

This means that the disk storage quota on your home directory (H: drive) has been exceeded. An example error message is, "Could not open the file h:\eudora\eudora log for writing Cause: Access permission denied." You need to delete some files. Students have a 10 MB quota and Faculty and Staff have a 30 MB quota. Typical places to look for files to delete are under the Eudora folder in the Attach folder. This is where e-mail attachments get saved. Another place to look for files to delete is under the Netscape folder. Any directories with the name of Cache can be deleted.

Repeatedly Receiving Old Messages

This error means that you have configured your e-mail program to leave messages on the server. Messages older than 30 days will be repeatedly received until you change the configuration of your e-mail program to not leave messages on the server.

Program has Performed an Illegal Operation

This error indicates that Eudora can not successfully understand the contents of the Eudora configuration file (H:\EUDORA\EUDORA.INI). A simple fix is to delete the file and log off and then log back on. The logon script should recreate the missing Eudora configuration file.

If you are computer literate and do not want to delete the Eudora configuration file you can just open the file in an editor and delete lines from the end of the file to near the beginning. The stuff that needs to go includes extra blank lines and all of the menu bar and window position lines.

Recipient not Acceptable

The full error messages is:

The recipient "Bad Addresss" is not acceptable to your SMTP server. The message is not sendable until "Bad Address" is changed.

where "Bad Address" is the offending addressee text.

This error means that a recipent address on the "To: ", "Cc: ", or "Bcc: " lines of one of your messages is incorrect. Note, this error could be from a message that is queued to be sent in your Out mailbox. Remember that e-mail addresses are of the form:

  • John Doe <jdoe@host.domain>
  • jdoe@host.domain (John Doe)
  • address1, address2, ... addressN

Sending and Receiving Large File Attachments

Due to the home directory quota mentioned above, it is not a good idea to send e-mail attachments that are much larger than 5 MB. This will most certainly put the local recipient over quota and lock his or her e-mail. Note, if you have your own computer and configure your e-mail program to store e-mail on your computer, you can receive attachments as large as 100 MB if you have enough disk space free. Additionally, many other sites have similar quotas. This is especially true of web based e-mail sites like Hotmail or Yahoo.

Changing E-Mail Passwords

You can change your e-mail password from the Special menu of Eudora by choosing the "Change Password..." item. Just follow the prompts for the current and new passwords. Note, e-mail passwords must be at least 6 characters long and can not be all lower case letters. Try these suggestions for selecting a good password if you are having difficulties.

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