Mihai Caragiu



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From August 2000 : Ohio Northern University (currently Associate Professor of Mathematics). Taught:  Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Advanced Linear Algebra, Foundations of Mathematics, Differential Equations, Calculus for Engineers, Calculus for Life Sciences, College Algebra, Number Theory with applications to Cryptography and Coding, Cryptography Honors Seminar, Mathematics Problem Solving Seminar. Involvement in undergraduate research.

From 7/99 - 7/00: Stanford University (Educational Program for Gifted Youth, Research Associate). Taught: Calculus, Linear Algebra (online instruction, virtual classroom). Wrote the EPGY Linear Algebra Course Notes, Parts 1-2, 1999-2000.

From 8/96 - 5/99: Washington State University (Assistant Professor of Mathematics).Taught: Discrete mathematics, Linear Algebra and Abstract Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Number Theory. Graduate students advised: Ioan Sadoveanu (M.Sc. 1997) and John Touth Evans (M.Sc. 1998). Conducted the Graduate Algebra Seminar (Fall 1997). Coordinator of the training program for the Putnam Mathematical Competition (1996-1998). Coordinator (Spring 1998) of the Undergraduate Seminar "How to solve Problems and write Proofs?...". 

From 8/92 - 8/96: Pennsylvania State University (Graduate Teaching Assistant). Taught: Calculus, Linear Algebra. Instructional Development Program Teaching Certificate from Penn State, 1996

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