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The use of Tablet PCs in the classroom:

STEM-TISP Lesson Plans:
Build Your Own Robot Arm
Lesson Focus: Develop a robot arm using common materials. Students will explore design, construction, teamwork, and materials selection and use.
Design and Build a Better Candy Bag
Lesson Focus: Demonstrate how product design differences can affect the success of a final product -- in this case a bag for holding candy. Students work in pairs to evaluate, design, and build a better candy bag. 
Rotational Equilibrium
Lesson Focus: Demonstrate the concept of rotational equilibrium.
Sail Away
Lesson Focus: Lesson focuses on watercraft engineering and sailing. Students work in teams to design a sailboat out of everyday objects that can catch a breeze from a fan, stay afloat with a set load, and sail four feet. 
Ship the Chip
Lesson Focus: Lesson focuses on engineering package designs that meet the needs of safely shipping a product. Students work in teams of "engineers" to design a package using standard materials that will safely ship a single chip through the mail to the school address.

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