Development of a First-Year Engineering Course Classification Scheme

What is this classification scheme?

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ASEE 2013 paper ASEE 2013 Development of a Classification Scheme paper
FIE 2013 paper FIE 2013 Development of a Classification Scheme paper

A complete classification scheme has been developed and tested based on input and feedback from the previuous two rounds. We would appreciate testing the scheme using your Introduction to Engineering course or any feedback you may have.

The intent is to include each possible objective that could be covered in an Introduction to Engineering course. Note that the picture is not meant to define the set of objectives found in any individual course: any Intro course would have a subset of these.



The documents below contain the entire classification scheme, or sections of the scheme that may be more useful to separate. Please use the checksheets (and supporting descriptions) to classify your Introduction to Engineering course.

If you use or test the scheme, we would greatly appreciate knowing that you have used it / plan to use it / may use it. Please send an email (the link is at the bottom of the page).

A complete document containing a guide, graphical representations and checksheets to the scheme.   classification scheme - complete.pdf
The checksheets and overall picture of the scheme
(also included in the complete document above)
  classification scheme - checksheets.pdf
The detailed descriptions of each possible outcome
(also included in the complete document above)
  classification scheme - detailed descriptions.pdf
Graphical representations of the entire scheme
(also included in the complete document above)
  classification scheme - graphical.pdf

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