Ohio Northern University
College of Engineering

Freshman Mentoring Program - 2013

First-year engineers: Please see your email to select your prefered mentors. Click on any picture to see it full sized. And now, in no particlar order, your mentors!

Stacy McClelland - Senior - Civil Engineering - Lorain, OH

I am a founder and the president of NEWB (Northern Engineers Without Boundaries), a group that does international engineering service work. I am also the president of the ONU Chapter of SWE, the Society of Women Engineers. I've been a freshmen mentor for the Engineering College for 2 years, a Student Senate Rep, and a member of the Dean's Team. I work as a student worker for the Director of Development of the College of Engineering, Jacque, doing this that and a little bit of everything else. I also work as a summer camp counselor, mainly for engineering based camps. Anything else? Ive co-authored a couple papers, won a couple awards along the way, am still a Girl Scout, and yes I have my Gold Award. I dream of traveling around the world, and making a difference where ever I end up. Oh, and not to be forgotten, I have three siblings. :) When I have spare time, I like to hang out with friends, read, watch whatever is on TV or even catch up on some gaming. 

Tyler Hertenstein - Junior - Engineering Education -

Tyler, originally from St Marys, OH, is involved in ASEE, NEWB, Ada Friends, and the club hockey and lacrosse teams. He also enjoys playing and watching sports (especially hockey), and also likes video games, and has an addiction to Netflix. He's a pretty involved person, so he can help you find that nice school/social balance, and can have fun doing it. He's done pretty decent in college so far, so he's here to help in any way possible (calculus, physics, programming, whatever!). Tyler is a firm believer in pizza at meetings, so you better be ready.

Tyler in DR

Jeff Campbell - Sophomore - Electrical Engineering

I'm a sophomore majoring in electrical engineering and minoring in computer science and applied mathematics.  I have a crude sense of humor, but it blends smoothly with my suave and debonair personality. I substitute video games and movies for any semblance of physical activity, and consider myself to be easy-going.


Josh Gedert - Sophomore - Electrical Engineering

My name is Josh Gedert and I am currently majoring in Electrical Engineering. I am active in a variety of groups including IEEE (representative), JEC (Joint Engineering Council), Son's Rays, Fusion, and Habitat for Humanity. I have many hobbies and interests such as watching and playing sports, listening to music, Facebook, hanging out with friends, and going on mission trips. In addition, my favorite thing to do is to watch baseball. I would be more than happy to help anyone. Also, I took the programming classes required for CpEs, so I could help with that as well. 


Emily Puleo - Sophomore - Civil Engineering

Emily Puleo (Soph CE) is a sophomore majoring in Civil Engineering. She is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She surprisingly survived a year of late nights and lots of boys in her classes! She has tons of hobbies that don't seem to overlap with engineering. She was formerly an Art Minor but is now sticking to doodling in the margins of her notebooks. She's a singer, former dancer and actress, and is currently the only Sophomore on ONU's Concrete Canoe Team as the Aesthetics Officer. She also loves playing video games, eating chocolate and procrastinating. She is the second oldest in a big family so she has a lot of patience-especially being the only person in the house who can help with any kind of Math homework.  She is a former tutor and can be a big help simply getting people motivated to start their work. (Starting is the hardest part!) She is eager to see if could set up a weekly get together and get to meet the new faces in Engineering! She lives in Affinity Village. Hit her up on Facebook and send her a message if you want to get to know her! 



Aaron Schnipke - Sophomore -

I am currently a sophmore student here at ONU. I enjoy relaxing with friends and watching sports events. I am an electrical engineering student and a member of IEEE.  I played soccer and ran track in high school.  I also enjoy being out doors by hunting. I am from a small rural community, so I feel right at home at ONU. 


Morgan Sperry - Senior - Mechanical Engineering

My name is Morgan Sperry. I am a Senior Mechanical Engineering Major with an Applied Math Minor. I am originally from Cincinnati. I love the Steelers, and sports in general. I am apart of NEWB (Northern Engineers Without Boundaries) and in a social Sorority, Delta Zeta. I love helping others especially in Math. This is my 3rd year being an Engineering mentor and I love it! My hobbies are eating and running. I would like to set up a fun environment for my mentors, where we can eat, watch movies, and maybe do some engineering.

Alex Frey - Junior - Mechanical Engineering

Alex Frey (Jr, ME)  is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Business Management. He is from Upper Sandusky, Ohio and commutes to school.  He wants to help new students where he can, especially with learning how to approach and prioritize different classes.  He also would like to share the ways he managed to balance time as a commuter while still becoming a part of campus.  He has numerous hobbies ranging from playing any sport that exists to taking part in any form of outdoor activity, but he is also open to things like movie or pizza nights.  Actually, to be completely honest, he is open to anything..


Jeremy Wilson - Junior - Mechanical Engineering -

My name is Jeremy Wilson and I live in Roberts Hall in the Lima Complex. I am involved with Northern Engineers without borders as the treasurer and I have also been inducted into the freshman honor societies, Phi Eta Sigma and Alpha Lambda Delta. I went to the Dominican Republic over the summer with NEWB. I enjoy playing tennis, working out, and hanging out with friends. I also enjoy playing video games, watching movies and TV, and listening to music. I am open to pretty much anything and am looking forward to getting to know my group of freshman.


Evan Sawyer - Junior - Mechanical Engineering -

My name is Evan Sawyer. I enjoy the outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, etc. as well as watching sporting events.  I live in University Terrace.


Derek Blubaugh - Junior - Electrical Engineering -

Hello, my name is Derek Blubaugh and I am currently a junior electrical engineer. Last summer I co-oped at American Electric Power and my free time interests involves sports for the most part. These include lifting, playing pickup basketball, ultimate frisbee, football, disc golf, golf, volleyball. I also like pizza, reading, video games, and going to see movies.

Eli Dean - Sophomore - Mechanical Engineering

Eli is a Sophomore Mechanical Engineering major looking to also get a minor in applied physics. Originally from an organic dairy farm in Bellevue, Ohio, Eli now lives in Roberts Hall. With a wide range of interests, Eli may set up a movie night, game night, pick up game of ultimate frisbee/football, or euchre night and is also open to all ideas and suggestions. Eli wants to help new students wherever he can, and can contribute helpful information on topics including homework, classes, campus life, and Greek life.

Dan Sowa - Sophomore - Mechanical Engineering -

Hi! My name is Dan Sowa. I am a sophomore mechanical engineering major. I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! I love to run and am on the ONU Cross Country and Track teams. I am also involved in FCA, SAAC, Fusion, Habitat for Humanity, and this year I will be joining the Human-Powered Vehicle with ASME. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, playing guitar, playing disc golf, riding my bicycle, and doing anything else active outside. I would like to maybe do a movie night every week, but its really up to what you guys would like to do.

Marc Le Roy - Sophomore - Mechanical Engineering

Marc Le Roy is a junior majoring in ME.  He is originally from Marion, Ohio.  He has made it through his first two years of engineering and has an open schedule to help students with questions and/or homework.  He's in Joint Engineering Council, Dean's Team, and plays intramural football and basketball.  He'd like to take his group to go play basketball, football, frisbee, etc. as well as movies and video games.

Tyler Germann - Sophomore - Electrical Engineering

Tyler Germann is a sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering with minors in Computer Science and Applied Math. He survived his first year of engineering, and would love to help some new students survive their first year as well. He especially enjoyed his math and programming courses his freshman year, so if any freshmen need help in that arena particularly, he would be excited to help. He lives in Roberts Hall, and would set up weekly events based off of what his group would like to do (movies, soccer, basketball, etc.).

David Reeping - Sophomore - Engineering Education

My name's David, and I'm a sophomore majoring in Engineering Education. On campus, I'm involved with SES (Secondary Education Society), Northern Engineers Without Borders, Alpha Lamda Delta/Phi Eta Sigma, and ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education). If school wasn't enough, I conduct research in my field and write (or assist in writing) papers that present any findings (I'm an engineer that can write, imagine that!). I can read your papers, help with math, or maybe give you a few wise words of college advice. I enjoy tennis, writing, watching movies, playing video games occasionally, and being with friends. I'm here if you need me!  

Meredith Weingart - Sophomore - Civil Engineering

My name is Meredith Weingart and I am a sophomore Civil Engineering major.  I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I am involved with Alpha Xi Delta, American Society of Civil Engineers, Society of Women in Engineering, Good News Bears, and Ada Friends.  I love reading, watching movies, and spending time with my friends.  I know how stressful and intimidating freshman year can seem, which is why I am so excited to have been given the opportunity to help you survive yours!

Nate Butt - Junior - Mechanical Engineering -

Hi, my name is Nate and I'm from Westfield Center, Ohio. I am a junior Mechanical Engineering major, and I live in Roberts Hall. On campus, I am heavily involved in AIAA and the SAE Aero competition. I'm also involved in the Rock Climbing club. Last year, I managed to make Dean's List both fall and spring semesters. When I'm not studying, I enjoy throwing Frisbee, watching movies, and hanging with friends. My interests include golfing, skiing, and playing piano and electric guitar (80s metal rules!) Being an Eagle Scout, I absolutely love hiking and camping! I enjoy trying new things and am always excited to meet new people. Having been through my freshman year, I am here to offer you guidance and help in any way I can! My goal is to help you balance all aspects of college life in the best possible way so you have the most fun!


Nate Ogden - Junior - Civil Engineering

Jeffrey Nathaniel Ogden (goes by Nate) is a Junior Civil Engineering student. He is originally from Avon, OH but has lived all over the country including: Michigan, California, Alabama, Virginia, and Florida. Nate is involved in several groups on campus including: SPC, Concrete Canoe, Improv group, rock climbing club, and is planning on starting an ONU Ski Club this year. Nate is also a member of the ONU Mens Soccer teams as well as a member of FIJI (Phi Gamma Delta). He currently lives in Stadium View East 1009. His room consists of a 100 inch projector and 2 stereo systems where most of the meetings will be held.