Ohio Northern University
College of Engineering

Freshman Mentoring Program - 2012

First-year engineers: Please see your email to select your prefered mentors!


Tyler Hertenstein - Sophomore - Engineering Education -

I am involved in NEWB, the freshman honorary societies, Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma, Ada Friends, and club hockey. I love playing and watching hockey, especially the Columbus Blue jackets (don't judge me for this). I also enjoy movies, television shows (Lost, The Office, and Breaking Bad), other sports, video games, and having fun. Believe it or not, I was a freshman just 4 months ago, so i know what you've got on your plate, and I can help you with anything: math, physics, making college simpler, where the best places to eat are, or how to tie your shoes, just to name a few. I also consider myself "successful" so far, so I can help you do the same.

Tyler in DR

Nathan Rosenbaum - Sophomore - Mechanical Engineering

Hi, I'm Nathan Rosenbaum and I am a sophomore Mechanical Engineer from Orrville, OH home of Bob Knight and Smuckers. I run cross country and track & field for the Polar Bears so I can definitely help with time management balancing sports and other activities. I love sports and am a diehard Cleveland sports fan and would love to have my mentees over for a Browns' game. I hope to make this a good experience for you and I believe this can be a beneficial experience for both of us.



Stacy McClelland - Junior - Civil Engineering / International Studies - Lorain, OH

I am the President of NEWB (the new Northern Engineers Without Borders), and SWE. I also am the engineering rep for our Student Senate and regularly participate in Campus Girl Scouts. I have been inducted into the two Freshman Honor Societies -Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma- as well as the Honor Society for International Scholars - Phi Beta Delta. As a double major I have strong interests in both engineering and the international community, and everything and anything that connects the two. I love reading books, debating, everything that can be called arts&crafts, brain teasers/puzzles, and of course, hanging out with friends, watching TV/movies, and gaming, because yes girls can enjoy gaming too.


Stacy in Dominican
Ashley in Dominican

Ashley Batesole - Junior - Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

My name is Ashley Batesole. I am a junior Mechanical and Electrical Engineering double major.  I enjoy doing just about anything and everything, so I'm always up for trying something I've never done before! I love food, so if you choose me as your mentor we will most likely have at least one night where we have a food party (cooking food, ordering food, wearing food, fighting with food, eating food, etc). We can also have some nerf gun wars so we can be prepared for the zombie invasion that will be coming mid-October. I am here to be your friend, but if you need help in anything I am also here to help you. I understand the transition from high school to college can be difficult for some people, so I'll be around to help you enjoy your time here so you can adjust a little faster!

Morgan - Dominican teachers

Morgan Sperry - Junior - Mechanical Engineering

My name is Morgan Sperry, I am a Junior Mechanical Engineering major with a applied math minor. I am involved with Northern Engineers Without Boundaries, Good News Bears, Ada Friends, and the Delta Zeta sorority. I enjoy playing sports and love watching the NFL. I love traveling and hanging out with others. I am interested in going into the Biomedical Field. I am here to help you transition from high school to college!


Jeremy Wilson - Sophomore - Mechanical Engineering -

My name is Jeremy Wilson and I live in Roberts Hall in the Lima Complex. I am involved with Northern Engineers without borders as the treasurer and I have also been inducted into the freshman honor societies, Phi Eta Sigma and Alpha Lambda Delta. I went to the Dominican Republic over the summer with NEWB. I enjoy playing tennis, working out, and hanging out with friends. I also enjoy playing video games, watching movies and TV, and listening to music. I am open to pretty much anything and am looking forward to getting to know my group of freshman.


Derek Blubaugh - Sophomore - Electrical Engineering -

Hello, My name is Derek Blubaugh and I am currently a sophomore Electrical Engineer. Hmm things about me, I like to play any pickup sport out there because they are a blast. I play pickup basketball 2-4 times a week. I will be playing on the club Ultimate Frisbee team and intermural baskeball and ultimate frisbee. In my spare time I like to just hang out with friends, play video games occasionally ( call of duty, halo, or League of Legends), see movies, get food, disc golf etc etc. Also, go lift and run quite often. I have also just competed in a Warrior Dash for those who know what that is and I have hopes of doing Humans vs Zombies this year if it doesn't get cancelled like last year... I might be in Robotics Club if I can figure out where to go to meet with that group. And here is where the cheesy hook line to get you to pick me is supposed to come, but lets face it I'm an engineer and not an English major, so pick me I'm awesome.

Katie Bowman - Junior - Civil Engineering

Katie Bowman is a junior Civil Engineer with Applied Mathematics minor. She is from Richfield, OH. She loves watching movies and TV shows ranging from crime shows to comedies. She LOVES animals and has 2 hermits crabs here. She likes to swim and is a part of the Concrete Canoe's Paddling Team. She also likes crafts and eating junk food. She can help with homework and is always up to listen if someone needs to talk. She lives in University Terrace.


Michael Potter - Sophomore - Mechanical Engineering -

Hey! My name is Michael (or just Potter or any other Harry Potter reference nickname will work). I am from Sandy, Utah so I'm just a little ways from home. I spent this summer doing an undergraduate research program at the University of Arkansas and loved it, which is one of the main reasons I now plan on going to graduate school to get a PhD eventually. My faith is the biggest priority in my life. I run on the track and cross country teams here at ONU and absolutely love it as well. I am also an RA in Founders Hall. I love watching and talking about pretty much any sport. In whatever spare time I have left after that, I mostly just enjoy being with people, whether it is movies, video games, or whatever.

Jamie Garbash - Junior - Civil Engineering

Hi, my name is Jamie Garbash and I am a Junior Civil Engineer. Being from Southeast Ohio, moving to the flat land of Ada took some time to get use to but Ada has funny a way of growing on you. I am a member of the ONU Swimming/ Diving Team along with many other clubs/organizations including SWE, Phi Sigma Rho, Concrete Canoe, ASEC, and Astronomy Club. When I'm not busy I enjoy watching movies, listening to music, eating, being outside, going on long bike rides, and hanging out with my friends.


Graham Fennel - Sophomore - Engineering Education

Hi, my name is Graham Fennell. I am a sophomore Engineering Education (one of the first four), with a minor in mathematics. I am from Pittsburgh PA so I am a Steelers fan. I am involved greatly on campus in groups like Sigma Theta Epsilon, Ultimate Frisbee, NEWB (Northern Engineers Without Boundaries), ACEE (American Society for Engineering Education), Habitat for Humanity, Fusion, and NCF( Northern Christian Fellowship). I love being outside doing stuff. I also enjoy ultimate frisbee, swimming, volleyball, TV/movies, video games, hanging out with friends, doing random stuff... pretty much anything that is fun. Even though I am heavily involved on campus I still made the Dean's List all of freshman year so I know how to manage my time and I can show you how.


Jason Luthman - Sophomore - Mechanical Engineering

Hello, my name is Jason Luthman. I am a sophomore Mechanical Engineering and Biology double major with a concentration in Pre-Med. I am interested in Biomedical Engineering and medicine and plan to pursue a career in either BME or as a doctor. Back to the present, I am very involved on campus outside of my classes as well. I am a 2nd-year Varsity swimmer and am a member of the honors program and many extracurricular activities as well. I keep myself busy in Northern Engineers Without Borders, Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma Honoraries, FCA, Newman Club, Habitat for Humanity, Society of Medical Professionals, and Student Members of the American Chemical Society. I'm looking forward to meeting you and wish you the best of luck in your freshman year! Go Polar Bears!

Nate Butt - Sophomore - Mechanical Engineering -

Hi, my name is Nate and I'm from Westfield Center, Ohio. I am a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major, and I live in Roberts Hall. On campus, I am heavily involved in AIAA and the SAE Aero competition. I'm also involved in the Rock Climbing club. Last year, I managed to make Dean's List both fall and spring semesters. When I'm not studying, I enjoy throwing Frisbee, watching movies, and hanging with friends. My interests include golfing, skiing, and playing piano and electric guitar (80s metal rules!) Being an Eagle Scout, I absolutely love hiking and camping! I enjoy trying new things and am always excited to meet new people. Having been through my freshman year, I am here to offer you guidance and help in any way I can! My goal is to help you balance all aspects of college life in the best possible way so you have the most fun!


Nate Ogden - Sophomore - Civil Engineering

Nate Ogden (Soph, CivilE) is a sophomore majoring in Civil Engineering. He is originally from Cleveland, Ohio but currently resides in Detroit, Michigan. He has an abundance of useful information for his mentees and is looking forward to helping them out with anything they need. He is on the soccer team as well as being involved with concrete canoe, SPC, and the improvisation team on campus. He just recently spent his summer in Korea and is ready to share his experiences with his mentees. He is willing to work with whatever his mentees want to do and lives in Affinity Northeast.