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These rubrics were developed by Ken Reid, Director of Freshman Engineering at Ohio Northern University and Elaine Cooney, Purdue School of Engineering & Technology, IUPUI.  
They may be used by other departments/courses, but we would appreciate an email notice that you are planning to use them.

These rubrics are avialable as Microsoft Word (.doc) or Acrobat Reader files (.pdf)
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Writing:  writing_rubric.doc or writing_rubric.pdf 

Oral presentations:  speaking_rubric.doc or speaking_rubric.pdf 

Design:  design_rubric.doc or design_rubric.pdf 

Teaming:  team_rubric.doc or team_rubric.pdf

Civility:  civility_rubric.doc or civility_rubric.pdf 

ABET / Rose-Hulman

Click to view powerpoint presentation:

"Implementing Rubrics as Part of an Overall Assessment Plan"

ASEE 2004: Assessment Rubrics for TAC-ABET Interpersonal Skills (Session 2149): AssessmentRubricsfinal.pdf

IUPUI ECET Resources

This work was generally developed as part of the assessment process of the Engineering Technology program at IUPUI. Other resources may be found at:

comparison of Bloom's taxonomy to ABET a-k