Dr. Khristo N. Boyadzhiev

Ph.D. of Mathematics, University of Sofia, Bulgaria, 1978.
Thesis: Order Characterization of Operator Algebras.
M.S. in Mathematics, University of Sofia, Bulgaria, 1972.
Thesis: The Spectral Theorem via Extreme Points
Specialized in Classical, Real and Functional Analysis.


2000 - Present
            Professor of Mathematics at ONU.
1993- 1999
            Associate Professor of Mathematics at ONU.
1990- 1993:
            Assistant Professor of Mathematics at ONU.
            Visiting Associate Professor of Mathematics for two quarters at Ohio University.
            Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Mathematics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and the University of Sofia.


Other Experience:

1981- Present:
Reviewer for Mathematical Reviews.
1988- Present:
Reviewer for Zentralblatt für Mathematik.



Undergraduate and graduate courses in Calculus, Geometry, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Complex Variables, College Algebra and Trigonometry, Foundations of Mathematics, Real Analysis, Functional Analysis, Fourier Analysis and Partial Differential Equations.


Research Interests:

Classical Analysis. Theory of Series. Integral Transforms. Functional calculus for operators. Commutation relations. Trace formulas for commutators and differences of operators. Hyponormal operators. Operator and functional inequalities. Operator monotone functions.  Semigroups of operators and the Abstract Cauchy Problem. Fractional powers and imaginary powers of operators. Order properties of operator algebras. Banach Jordan algebras.


Professional Memberships:

American Mathematical Society.
Mathematical Association of America.
Japanese Association for Mathematical Sciences.



Mary Reichelderfer Chair of Mathematics and Computer Science for
1993/1994, 1994/1995, 1995/1996 and 2006/2007.
Badge of Honor, University of Sofia, 1972.


Dr. Khristo Boyadzhiev
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