PHYSICS 2341 Physics I (Mechanics, Waves, and Thermodynamics) Lab 

Spring 2014

Department: Physics and Astronomy
Class Home page:  (this page!)

Instructor: Dr. Jason Pinkney
Lab Assistant: TBA
Office hours  in 111 Science Annex at  these times .
Email or call 419-772-2740.
Instructor's Home page:

Section 2341-01  Time and place:  Tues 8:00-10:45 am, Meyer 121 (TA=Nick Weiner )
Section 2341-02  Time and place:  Tues 12:00-2:45 pm, Meyer 121 (TA=Nick Weiner )
Section 2341-03  Time and place:  Tues 3:00-6:00 am, Meyer 121 (TA= Austin Howell )
Section 2341-04  Time and place:  Thurs 8:00-10:45 am, Meyer 121 (TA= David DeColibus)


EXTRA Material
Error Propagation rules.
Example of error propagation (applied to calorimetry).  In this PDF file, I have taken a student's lab measurements (top left side) and used them to calculate the specific heat of copper, CCu.


This is the lab associated with Physics 2311 (Physics I) and Physics 2111 (General Physics 211). You will have an informational meeting on the first week where you will be assigned your first lab.

Manual: You need to buy "Experiments in Mechanics, Waves, and Thermodynamics", the Physics I lab manual, for $13. You also need to get a quad-ruled notebook. Get both of these at the Physics Office SA 107A for $15. Its best to come by after 12:30 in the afternoon since our administrative assistant, Nancy Fetter, is part-time. Please bring exact cash.

Your final letter grade is determined based on your regular Lab report scores.  The scores are determined by your TA with guidance (a rubric) from your instructor.  The instructor will take the scores from the TA and convert them into a grade. Typically, 90% and up is an A. However, if the class mean is very high compared to other sections, the instructor will compare notebooks between sections to see if an adjustment is needed. Thus, the A cut-off could be raised to 91 or even 92% in order to keep different sections consistent.

Course Policies

Attendance  is essential for labs.  If you miss a lab completely you get a 0 for that particular lab.  If you miss and have a valid excuse (emergencies, sports or music activities, very sick) we can try to find another lab section for you to work in to make up the lab.  This must be okayed by the instructor of the other lab and you must make sure that you get your completed lab to your regular TA on time.
You may NOT regularly attend a lab other than the one you are signed up for. (Try to transfer early on if another section is appealing.)

Calculators. I encourage you to have a calculator in this lab.

Schedule (under construction):
Week of  Side "A"
Side "B"
W1 (1/13-1/17)
Informational meeting
Informational Meeting
W2 Measurements in Physics Measurements in Physics
W3 Graphs and Motion Graphs and Motion
W4 Acceleration of Gravity Acceleration of Gravity
Projectile Motion Force Vectors
W6 Force Vectors Projectile Motion
W7 Uniform Circ Motion Conservation of Energy
W8 Conservation of Energy Uniform Circ Motion
W9 Cons of 1D Momentum 2D Cons of Momentum
W10 2D Cons of Momentum Cons of 1D Momentum
W11 Oscillatory Motion Melde's Experiment
W12 Melde's Experiment Oscillatory Motion
W13 Speed of Sound Thermal expansion
W14 Thermal expansion Speed of Sound
W15 Specific Heat Capacity Specific Heat Capacity
W16 (Finals. All labs done before this week.)


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