1. A sound wave has a wavelength of 3.0 m. The distance from a compression center to the adjacent rarefaction center is:
A.0.75 m
B.1.5 m
C.3.0 m
D.need to know wave speed
E.need to know frequency

2. A fire whistle emits a tone of 170 Hz. Take the speed of sound in air to be 340 m/s. The wavelength of this sound is about:
A.0.5 m
B.1.0 m
C.2.0 m
D.3.0 m
E.340 m

3. When listening to tuning forks of frequency 256 Hz and 259 Hz, one hears the following number of beats per second:

4. Consider two imaginary spherical surfaces of different radius, both centered on a point sound source emitting spherical waves. The power transmitted across the larger sphere is ________ the power transmitted across the smaller and the intensity at a point on the larger sphere is ________ the intensity at a point on the smaller.
A.greater than, the same as
B.greater than, greater than
C.greater than, less than
D.the same as, less than
E.the same as, the same as

5. If the power output of a sound source emitting spherical waves is 100 W, the sound intensity 5.0 m from the source is:
A.0.32 W/m2
B.1.6 W/m2
C.4.0 W/m2
D.20 W/m2
E.100 W/m2

6. The intensity of sound wave A is 100 times that of sound wave B. Relative to wave B the sound level of wave A is:
A.–2 db
B.+2 db
C.+10 db
D.+20 db
E.+100 db

7. A piano wire has a length of 81 cm and a mass of 2.0 g. If its fundamental frequency is to be 394 Hz, it must be stretched by a tension of:
A.0.32 N
B.63 N
C.130 N
D.250 N
E.none of these

8. A tuning fork produces sound waves of wavelength l in air. This sound is used to cause resonance in an air column, closed at one end and open at the other. The length of this column CANNOT be:

9. A stationary source S generates circular outgoing waves on a lake. The wave speed is 5.0 m/s and the crest-to-crest distance is 2.0 m. A person in a motor boat heads directly toward S at 3.0 m/s. To this person, the frequency of these waves is:
A.1.0 Hz
B.1.5 Hz
C.2.0 Hz
D.4.0 Hz
E.8.0 Hz

10. A source emits sound with a frequency of 1000 Hz. Both it and an observer are moving in the same direction with the same speed, 100 m/s. If the speed of sound is 340 m/s, the observer hears sound with a frequency of:
A.294 Hz
B.545 Hz
C.1000 Hz
D.1830 Hz
E.3400 Hz

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