ECCS 166 - Programming 3

Spring Quarter 2011 - Dr. John K. Estell


Course Handouts

Course Expectations (syllabus)

Course Activities - Weeks 1 through 3 - includes reading and homework assignments

Course Activities - Weeks 4 through 6 - includes reading and homework assignments

Course Activities - Weeks 7 through 8 - includes reading and homework assignments

Course Activities - Weeks 9 through 10 - includes reading and homework assignments


NetBeans GUI Application Development Instruction Sheet - featuring visual images to guide you through the process.

NetBeans GUI Application Development Cheat Sheet - a one page version of the above.

Importing Graphic Images using NetBeans

Using Java Web Start in NetBeans

Menu Building in NetBeans

Java Serialization Primer - storing and reading objects to/from files - example code - demo

Demonstration Programs

Various Lecture Examples (Applets)

Swing Examples (Applets)

Executable Java Web Start and JAR File Applications

Card Game Resources


Machine Program (MP) Assignments Documentation

MP1 - The (Infamous) Game of LaurieMOO!!! - Generating Integer Random Numbers

MP2 - Farkle - Play Dr. Estell's version of this game!

MP3 - Yamslam - Yamslam rules

MP4 - Writing Educational Games - Grading Information - Resources are in the Dropbox folder "Programming 3 Resources"

MP5 - Space Eggs animation game - Play Game - Resources are in the Dropbox folder "Programming 3 Resources"

Lab Assignments Documentation

Lab 0 - Dropbox setup

Lab 1 - NetBeans Tutorials

Lab 2 - Guessing Game Application - Gradesheet - step by step illustration of developing a Java application

Lab 3 - Bean Test - Gradesheet - creating a custom component

Lab 4 - Javadoc - Gradesheet - writing comments that are transformed into an autogenerated documentation web site

Lab 5 - Debugging - Gradesheet - Learning the basics of the NetBeans debugging facility

Lab 6 - Key Events and Layouts - Gradesheet

Lab 7 - SketchPad: Graphics and Polymorphism - Gradesheet

Lab 8 - SketchPad: Creating concrete drawing classes - Gradesheet

Lab 9 - SketchPad: More drawing classes plus adding a list of drawn items - Gradesheet

Lab 10 - SketchPad: Creating multipointed stars and your own polygon-based class (Lab document is also the Gradesheet)

Lab 11 - SketchPad: Saving your results and modifying drawing object properties - Gradesheet



Java Specifications

Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) 6.0 API Specification

JDK 6 Documentation

The Java Language Specification

Lesson: Using Java Swing Components


The NetBeans Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - free to download

NetBeans - open source IDE - current version is 6.9.1; lab version is 6.5 - Please download any 6.x version that supports the "Java SE" technology.


Online Java Resources

The Swing Tutorial

Visual Index to the Swing Components

Java Coding Conventions

How to Write Javadoc Comments

Unicode - character code charts

RFC 3092 - Etymology of "Foo"