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2011 Phi Lambda Sigma Fleece Sale

Due: Friday, November 11, 2011






Phi Lambda Sigma is a pharmacy leadership honorary that promotes student leadership on campus, in the larger community, and within our profession. This year, ONUís PLS chapter will be selling iron gray F217 Port Authority full-zip fleeces as a fundraiser. A large portion of the profits will go to a medication drive for a student rotation in Kenya and El Salvador, the rest will be divided between a couple of local charities. We anticipate the fleece will be in before Christmas break, so they will make excellent gifts! We can ship them directly to your home or they can be picked up in the pharmacy building (an email will be sent to everyone on record announcing their arrival). **We are not responsible for duplicate orders from students and parents.**


Please make checks payable to: Phi Lambda Sigma


If interested, please complete the order form below, detach it, and return it along with your payment to:


Attn: Dr. Jeff Christoff

College of Pharmacy

Ohio Northern University

525 S. Main St.

Ada, OH 45810

Re: PLS Fundraiser


PLS Fleece order form.pdf

(Click on the link above to open the order form)



Nuclear Pharmacy elective


The elective course is 2 credits (semester) and includes a hands-on laboratory component.


Lab exercises will provide students an opportunity to learn and practice some daily activities that occur in a nuclear pharmacy utilizing non-radioactive components, usually either saline or a dyed-saline solution.Once students have practiced activities with non-radioactive products, students will have the opportunity to handle low level amounts (from 1/10th to 1/100th of the usual clinical amount) of actual radiopharmaceuticals. These activities will mimic various training procedures that allow pharmacists and interns to develop proper handling techniques with radiopharmaceuticals.


Course Syllabus - spring 2012 (semester format)

Nuclear Pharmacy (PDF Format)

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