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    Ancestry Maps U.S. Extradition Treaties Blonde hair
    2012 Presidential Election Level of Monitoring by NSA Gangs of LA
    Language Map (view the map) Spatial Diffusion Starbucks McDonalds in World
    World Migration U.S. City Crime Maps Evolution
    Shipping Lanes Europe Closest McDonalds Moscow View
    Shipping Lanes UFOs Church Bodies
    Palestinian Recognition Driving on Left New York ethnicity
    Human Dev Index 2013 Bars/Groceries Soft Drinks
    Population China Censored American's View
    World Population Alcohol Consumption Milk Drinkers
    Map Games Antarctic Treaty Singles
    North/South Divide Travel Times Racial Tolerance
    China's Population Map of Vatican City World Poverty
    Baseball Teams United States of Shame Rich/Poor States 2013
    College Football Claims to Antarctica Latitude European Cities
    American Football Tokyo and London Cool Map Projection
    Football TV Coverage Deer Collisions Facebook World
    Tornado Tracks Earth at Night World Death Penalty
    World Tornadoes Earth Stops? Chemical Weapons
    Tornado Direction Top U.S. Beers Bear Arms or Vote?
    U.S. Median Age Most visited websites Daylight Savings Time
    Global Alcohol Current Earth night time Hurricanes
    Earthquakes since 1898 Ohio Earthquake Hazard Hazard Risks Asia
    U.S. Weather Radar Map China no fly zone Reliability of Police
    World Trade Organization Claims in the Arctic Date Formats
    Internet users/pop % Internet subscriptions/pop NFL Salaries
    NFL Fans NPT treaty countries Cold War Europe
    Afghan troop map US Military Bases Welcome Foreigners ?
    No metric system World Sports  MTCR member states
     Freedom 2013 Failed States 2013  


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