Introduction and Disclaimer: The following links will take you to GIS class final map projects. Each student developed a map based on some topic of interest to the student. The maps range from tourist/location/reference maps to thematic maps. Please note that, for the most part, the maps were left in their original form as handed into the instructor at the end of the quarter.


Charity Buxton
Ohio Population vs. Agriculture
Megan Hubenthal
Topography and Wetlands in Williamsburg and Hatfield, Massachussetts
Kristi Miller
Fault Lines and Earthquakes Near Densely Populated Areas of California
Christopher Plummer
Illinois State and Federal Lands
Melissa Gazella
Alcohol-Related Traffic Accidents in Ohio, 1999
Jonathan Mattmuller
Great Lakes Cities with a Population Greater than 100,000
Benjamin Smith
Soil and River Basins, NW Quadrangle of Siuslaw National Forest, Oregon
John Seman
Median Monthly Rent Expense by Ohio County
Scott Zink
Seasonal Elk Ranges, Ouray County, Colorado


Eric Bauman
2000 Ohio Poverty Levels by County
Heidi Fowles
The Average Use of Water Versus Population
Erika Hall
Endangered Fish Species of the World by Country
Katie Hill
Ohio Teen Pregnancies Per County in 1998
Natalie Mankey
Population And TRI Sites of Ohio Counties
Marika Skarl
Issued Drivers Licenses vs. Organ Donors
Susan Wolfe
Fertilizer Use in Ohio


Thomas Archdeacon
Historical Frog and Toad Species Diversity in Ohio, by County
Heather Bolander
Ohio Population in 1900 by County
Evan Yurkovich
1999 Crimes Reported in Ohio
Todd Burger
Divorces in Ohio's Cities in Relation to Population
Brian Christopher
Number of Households in Ohio, Number of Blacks in Ohio, Number of Whites in Ohio
Stephen Meininger
Indiana Endangered Species by County
Dawn Hilyard
States with Concealed Weapons Laws and Police Officers Feloniously Killed in 1999
Melanie McLaughlin
Number of Fish Species per State
Philip Rader
Minors Admitted Into Informal Probation Program, Hardin County, Ohio
Kristina Moon
FBI Feloniously Killed by Weapon and State
Adam Myers
Travel Time to Work vs. 1990 Population of Major Cities
Julie Thompson
Population in Ohio Counties in 2000
Kara Reynolds
Bigfoot Sightings in Ohio by County
Elizabeth Theurer
GNP and BTU per capita 
Alena Wannenmacher
FBI Headquarters in the United States
Williams Towns
Native American Reservations in the Four Corners Region
Jedidiah Tuten
Waffle House Locations in Ohio