Lesson Plan


K.OA3- Decompose numbers less than or equal to 10 into pairs in more than one way.

Grade-Level Indicator

Students will be able to decompose two numbers, less than or equal to ten, using a flower and petal model.



General Characteristics

Total number of students enrolled in the class: 20 students


Total number of female students: 12 students


Total number of male students: 8


Age range for all students in the class: 5-6 years old


Emotional or behavioral disability: one student, Speech: 3 students

Specific Characteristics (content related)



S- State Learning Objectives in ABCD Format

Learning Objectives

The kindergarten students will be able to decompose two of their favorite numbers using flower templates and colored construction paper. The students will be able to write each way to decompose the number on a petal which will be glued onto their flower.


S- Select Materials


Counting in the Garden by Kim Parker

Bright colored construction paper




Butterfly net


U-Utilize Materials



1.  Read the story, Counting in the Garden with students. Use the butterfly net to help students count each item throughout the story.

2. Use the SMART notebook pages from "Garden Math" to introduce and practice decomposing numbers.

3. Have students choose two of their favorite numbers to decompose. They will choose colors for their flowers (petals, middle, stem).

4. Students will decompose the number and write them on the petals for the flower (one per petal). Students will write each of their chosen numbers

on the circle that will be the center of their flowers.

5. I will ask if any of the students would like to share the ways they decomposed their numbers as well as their beautiful flowers.

Levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy Addressed

Knowledge, Comprehension, Application

Multiple Intelligences Experienced

Visual-Spatial, Bodily-kinesthetic, Logical -Mathematical

Instructional Methods

Problem Solving


R- Require Student Interaction


Students will be working independently

Student Involvement

Interaction with smart board

Interaction with concrete materials

Strategies Used to Address Objectives

Used SMART Notebook to address decomposing numbers (very visual) and can be used as a follow up activity.



Assessment Rubric Based on Learning Objective

Rubric to evaluate flowers